Learn how to remove istart123.com browser virus from Chrome , Firefox and IE?

istart123.com, also known as Quick Start, is an intrusive application classified as a browser hijacker. The program first appeared in the summer of 2013. It is compatible with all popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. istart123.com acts in a very similar way to other browser hijackers such as qone8.com, portaldosites.com, qvo6.com, max-start.com, default-search.com and many more. The main aim of all of these programs is to make profit by exploiting the unsuspecting computer users. Browser hijackers act without your permission and modify your settings.

istart 123 Remove istart123.com

They also cause redirects and fill your browsers with useless data. istart123.com is not a safe program and is certainly not beneficial. If you have accidentally acquired this application we suggest you uninstall istart123.com from your computer as soon as you can and return to safe and uninterrupted Internet browsing.

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How did my PC get infected?

istart123.com arrives to your computer and gets installed silently. It is doubtful that you have downloaded the program yourself. Most likely the application came bundled with freeware or shareware that you have acquired from an unofficial and probably not very trustworthy website. If you download third-party applications frequently you should keep in mind that they often come bundled with potentially unwanted programs like adware and browser hijackers. To avoid this software and make sure that your computer stays clean you should be attentive during the installation process. Look through the EULA and check what else you are installing along with the program of your choice. If it is possible select Advanced or Custom Installation. That way you will be able to un-check all additional software that you do not really need. They say, prevention is better than cure, so we suggest to use these tips to avoid potentially unwanted programs next time you install free software.

What does istart123.com do?

There are several features typical for browser hijackers. First of all, once istart123.com enters your computer system you will notice that your home page and default search provider have been replaced by Quick Start. Every time you launch your browser you will open this page. The website does not look suspicious at first, except for the ads displayed on it that seem less than truthful. Another thing you will see on the page is quick access buttons. Some of them are links to popular sites like Facebook, YouTube and eBay, while others are links to potentially unwanted programs like YAC and even rogue anti-spyware like PC Speed Maximizer. The fact that the hijacker promotes applications that will harm your computer is reason enough to get rid of istart123.com. Do not click on these buttons and do not download any of the programs promoted by the hijacker.

istart123 Remove istart123.com

Providing you with various ads, banners and links is one of the main functions of istart123.com. If you start using its search engine you will notice that your search results are altered to include sponsored links and other ads. Again, it must be said that these adverts should not be trusted. They may lead you to corrupted websites where you could be provided with false information about various programs. You may download malware yourself or infect your PC by just clicking on the corrupted link. You could also be presented with fake lotteries or surveys that are created in order to trick computer users into willingly sharing their personal details. Needless to say, if you disclose your private data you may suffer financial consequences.

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In addition to all security risks that you are exposing your computer to as long as istart123.com stays in your system, you will also notice that the program has affected your Internet speed. Webpages will take longer to load because of all of the ads that your browser will be flooded with. Moreover, unwanted programs usually track your cookies and collect information about your browsing habits. This data is collected to personalize the ads you see or it could be sold to third parties. It is clear that you should not hesitate to delete istart123.com from your computer if you want to keep your PC and your personal information safe.

How to remove istart123.com?

In order to uninstall istart123.com manually you can download and install a reliable anti-malware tool that will help you get rid of the hijacker. It will scan your computer for various threats and delete all found infections. The program will not only eliminate istart123.com from your computer, but also make sure that your system stays malware-free by safeguarding it from other online threats. If, however, you choose to remove istart123.com manually you can use the instructions provided below the article. Keep in mind that manual istart123.com removal may not always delete all files associated with the infection and that is why you should also scan your system with an anti-malware scanner afterwards.

istart123 com Remove istart123.com

istart123.com Removal Instructions !

Remove istart123.com from Internet Explorer

Gear icon -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab -> Reset -> Reset -> Close

Delete istart123.com from Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla menu -> Question mark -> Troubleshooting Information -> Reset Firefox –> Reset Firefox –> Finish

Eliminate istart123.com from Google Chrome

Google Chrome menu -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Reset browser settings -> Reset

Remove istart123.com from the browser shortcuts

  1. Right-click on your browser shortcut
  2. Click Properties and open the Shortcut tab
  3. In the Target line delete everything after .exe
  4. Click OK to save changes
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